Trump was right to promise a wall — now let’s see it built

I absolutely disagree with Jeff Jacoby (“Trump’s Berlin Wall,” Opinion, Feb. 4). The wall proposed along the border with Mexico is not a “wall of shame.” It is a wall for safety and security. Jacoby opposes it because of its high cost and because, he says, it is immoral and it won’t work. Comparing it with East Germany’s construction of the Berlin Wall, Jacoby writes that “the point of Trump’s wall would be to keep foreigners out! Perhaps so.” No, not perhaps so, but absolutely so — and not merely “foreigners,” but illegal invaders too, whatever the cost.

Trump ran for president on the promise of a wall. His supporters want a wall. A country with no borders is not a country.


The Vatican has walls. The White House has a wall and shoulder-to-shoulder security. Barack Obama’s new house in Washington has a wall. There are several walls in Israel that have reduced, to a drip, terrorist incursions into Israel. Everyone, including Jacoby, has a lock on his front door.

Jacoby comes close to calling supporters of a wall deplorable. I’ve had enough of that insult already, from Hillary Clinton.

John Natale