Those Republicans — fiscal conservatives? Don’t think so

When Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he’s said to have answered, “That’s where the money is.” “Sutton’s law” can be extended to a discussion of the national debt. Hypocritical Republicans talk a good game regarding debt, but they keep adding to it — with a tax cut and a budget proposal amounting to trillions of dollars. This is not surprising, since for an influential part of their constituency, debt is much better than its alternative.

If the government wants to spend money, it has to get the money somewhere. Let’s apply Sutton’s law: You get it from those who have it. There are only two ways: Confiscate it in the form of taxes or borrow it with a promise to pay it back, with interest.

If you were a fat cat Republican donor, which would you prefer?

Jon Plotkin