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    Trump administration’s daily outrages are unimaginable

    Can you imagine that 30 to 40 White House staffers currently do not have security clearance? Can you imagine that we are hearing regularly about someone called “Stormy” Daniels associated with the president of the United States, or that the president has been accused of sexual harassment by about 20 women?

    Can you imagine that 53 percent of white women voted for this president? Can you imagine that a number of West Wing employees have been accused of violence against women, and that these employees were allowed to continue to work in the White House? Can you imagine that evangelical Christians have given this president a pass? Can you imagine the silence and lack of outrage that we are hearing from elected officials about all of this, and the lack of courage that so many of our these elected officials are exhibiting?

    Can you imagine that the United States has no coordinated effort to ward off the ongoing cyber attacks on America? Can you imagine that so much about the Russia connection just doesn’t smell right?


    Can you imagine that each day there is a new racist, homophobic, or misogynistic statement to shake our heads at?

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    I can’t, can you?

    Joseph Smith

    Hyde Park