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    Trump-bashing would run counter to the role of a university president

    The article “Next Harvard president urged to counter Trump” (Page A1, Feb. 7) is diametrically in opposition to the notion of a university and suggests a direct restriction of the tenets of academic freedom and critical thinking that are necessary for a university to operate as an institution for higher learning and education. President Trump was fairly elected by this country’s voters, as prescribed in the Constitution. No amount of criticism is going to change that.

    Reporter Laura Krantz’s premise is that college officials around the country believe “the current wave of anti-intellectualism elevated by President Trump” must be combated. What anti-intellectualism? Does she mean the anti-intellectualism stemming from the crushing of independent and critical thought and suppression of freedom of speech emanating from many liberal Eastern and Western universities? The president of a university anywhere should not be an advocate for any political position or identity. That defies the term “academic freedom.”

    Bernard P. Giroux

    South Dartmouth