We must bring right whale back from edge of extinction

Reading the news these days can feel like peering into a moral abyss. But even in this context, the report that right whales are on the edge of extinction due to human-related causes, including fishing methods, ship strikes, and climate change, stands out (“Prospects dim for survival of right whales,” Page A1, Feb. 26).

Tragically, species extinction as a result of human activity is widespread. Now, thanks to the political and commercial powers that be, it is occurring in our own backyard with a beloved species — the right whale. It’s been coming for years. We must demand from our government urgent, drastic measures to give this species a last chance at survival. Contacting members of Congress, supporting organizations fighting in court for the right whale’s survival, and considering the sustainability of the seafood we buy are among the actions we can take as individuals. Doing nothing is a vote for extinction.

Elizabeth L. Merrick