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I’ve been a season ticket holder for the Boston Breakers since 2009, and I am deeply saddened by the loss of the women’s pro soccer team (“Breakers’ demise is an alarm,” Sports, Feb. 28). In her Fair Play column, Shira Springer gets most of the issues exactly right. She did leave out one other major factor in the team’s failure to catch on: That would be you, the Globe.

The region’s major newspaper barely mentioned the Breakers. Through eight seasons, you rarely printed season previews or wrap-ups and almost never provided game stories. In the past two years, your coverage of the Breakers was carried exclusively in the SportsLog section. Springer asks about the message the team’s failure sends regarding the value of female athletes. You’ve already answered that question in your pages: You don’t value them at all.


It’s not just the Breakers. You don’t cover the remaining women’s professional team in town, the Boston Pride, either. The only mention of the Pride recently was regarding the US women’s Olympic hockey team. In fact, it seems the only time you write about women’s professional sports is to note failure. Perhaps before the next such article, you’ll have a look in the mirror first.

Melissa Kenny