Swamp 1, drainers 0: Carson, Pruitt are models of excess

With all of the chaos in Washington these days, we may have become a bit numb to the constant barrage of investigations, leaks, and exposés. Whether it was a coincidence or by design, Page A6 of Friday’s Boston Globe brought it home, however, with two headlines on the same page: “Amid criticism, Carson seeks to cancel furniture order” and “EPA’s Pruitt says he’ll fly more in coach.” Each by itself is troubling, but taken together, they speak of the excesses this administration seems to indulge in, at the taxpayers’ expense, as if its members are still working in the private sector. Along with the rest of the Republican Party, they seem to have forgotten that they were elected by the people, to serve the people. How much farther can we fall?

Ron Furman