Constant degradation should not be transgender inmate’s sentence

Re “Transgender woman fights to get out of all-male prison” (Metro, March 1): Appalling. Infuriating. Heartbreaking. These are words that describe the tragic story of a transgender inmate who is suffering because Massachusetts correctional officials refuse to grant a transfer to a female facility.

The inmate has lived as a woman for 40 years, and yet she remains incarcerated in a men’s prison, where she says she has endured public strip searches, groping by male guards and inmates, and ongoing humiliation and harassment. Sentenced to a four-year term for a nonviolent drug offense, the inmate has filed a lawsuit accusing the state of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act and her constitutional right to equal protection from discrimination.

Legalities aside, where is the humanity, the compassion? The state’s failure to protect this inmate from constant degradations amounts to nothing less than torture.


Governor Baker and Attorney General Maura Healy must immediately investigate and correct these appalling conditions. We’re living in 2018, not the Middle Ages.

Fran Schofield