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    Dick’s, other retailers should be lauded for drawing a line on gun sales

    Jim Wallace, executive director of the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts, is kicking the wrong can down the road when it comes to making guns safer (“Gun-rights advocates decry retailers’ moves,” Page A8, March 1). Mental health is certainly an issue in this country, but it takes only one person with an assault rifle to fall through the cracks of even a perfect mental health system.

    Not banning assault rifles is crazy. Give people a year to turn theirs in. After that, possession should be illegal. Edward Stack, CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, is not a “coward.” He’s a brave person to stand up to a loud, irrational minority that is heavily armed. Wallace and other gun-rights advocates are the cowards for thinking they need a gun to protect themselves. Brave people don’t need guns.

    We need to clarify the Second Amendment and bring it up to date with the 21st century. People think this cannot be done because it is part of the Constitution. Yes it can. It’s called an amendment.

    Richard Hackel