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    Cohn should have seen protectionist move coming

    As much as the Globe may editorially be against Donald Trump and his trade policies, that does not give it license to misrepresent the facts. In the front-page article “Top economic adviser quits amid Trump’s shift on trade” (March 7), the Globe gets it wrong both with the headline and with the reference, in the first sentence, to “President Trump’s sharp and sudden pivot toward protectionist trade policies.”

    One of the few policies on which Trump has been consistent, both as a candidate and as president, has been his “America First” trade views. To call this a “shift” or a “pivot” implies that previously he held different positions.

    The article really exposes more about Gary Cohn, the outgoing economic adviser, who knew what Trump really believed about free trade when he took his job in the administration. Cohn, who put up with Trump’s often-racist comments and actions, and who stood by him even as Trump would not break with the anti-Semitism of the Charlottesville, Va., white supremacists, resigned only when Trump kept a campaign promise.

    Dan Weinstein

    Jamaica Plain