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US forces must play a role in Syria

Just this month, many of us paused to observe Holocaust Remembrance Day, when we confront the incalculable costs of inaction in the face of pure evil more than 70 years ago. Thus, I was shocked to read Stephen Kinzer’s op-ed endorsing a guilt-free exit for our forces from the human misery in Syria (“Same old conflict, tragic new host,” Ideas, April 15).

If Kinzer had lived in the United States during the days prior to World War II, would he have been a proponent of isolationist Charles A. Lindbergh and the America First Committee? For that group, the fires burning in Europe and the prospect of Great Britain’s imminent defeat by the Nazis were not America’s problems. America First advocated leaving the continent’s dilemma for Europeans to resolve. We know all too well how that conflict, over there, ended.


While the United States alone cannot bring peace and tranquility to the human catastrophe in Syria and other corners of the globe, it must at least be a partner to resolution and not a bystander.

David Greenfield