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    Casino is at heart of Wampanoag challenge, and Obama was no help

    Re “Mashpee Wampanoag deserve a pathway to a reservation” (Editorial, May 8): Maybe the Wampanoag deserve a reservation, but it is understandable that the rest of the state may not want another casino open. What that would really mean is that the tribe could become a front for outside professional gaming interests. Residents of Taunton and surrounding areas are right to be concerned, and do not want to change the 1934 cutoff date you mention.

    What is fascinating about the Globe editorial is the description of Obama-era overreaching as having used “a novel legal theory.” I guess it was “novel” — so novel that it was rejected by Judge William Young, who said that “this is not a close call.”

    Once again, the former president who would have wished to be emperor used his pen and hoped nobody would challenge him. Maybe if he had worked on legislation, instead of exceeding his actual executive authority, something would have gotten done. But instead, as with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals mess, he chose to impose his will and risk later reversal after he was gone.

    Allan Keith