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    American imperialism operates at full force

    In his column “When America retreats into isolation, results are never good” (Opinion, May 16), Jeff Jacoby says that any curbing of the US profile in the world would equal “isolationism” and “embolden” the “planet’s worst actors.” I was not aware that any such forswearing of epically violent and predatory imperialism would require crawling under a rock, never to reemerge.

    Indeed, Jacoby pretty much apes Washington’s bipartisan mainstream on this topic. Lest its own people ever presume to clip its wings, our constitutional plutocracy never misses an opportunity to promote its mask of benign “global policeman — deterring aggression, upholding the rule of law, defending human rights,” as Jacoby would have it. The reality behind these fine words is permanent war, the theft of vast wealth, and utter contempt for law and human rights.

    “Our” plutocracy sits atop a worldwide food chain of looters and “worst actors.” It is not about to give that up. Hence the omnipresence of this kind of propaganda.


    It should be noted that while the profits from this criminal enterprise go straight to the top, its crippling costs are borne entirely by the American people and other peoples.

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    It is very much in the manner of the corrupt and increasingly decrepit looters’ economy the plutocracy heads up here at home.

    James Taff