Democrats need to broaden their appeal with fresh leadership

I could not agree more with Rachelle G. Cohen’s May 17 op-ed (“ ‘Pelosi problem’ indicates a deeper ailment for Democrats”), where she decried the apparent seniority system in the Democratic Party, which is poised to continue its selection of Nancy Pelosi as leader while keeping its successful, young, modern representatives waiting.

If the Democrats are to succeed, they need to choose leaders who represent a new, forward-thinking approach to solve this country’s problems. Trump fatigue could hopefully encourage independents and moderate Republicans to seek a fresh voice.

Seth Moulton embodies the independent, bold, competent leadership that we desperately need. Pelosi has made great contributions to the party and to the country. However, to those outside of the party, she represents what they don’t like about Democrats. Donald Trump invokes her name as a warning to those who might think of voting outside of the Republican Party.


Democrats need to broaden their appeal and their message if they are to reach all corners of the country.

Phyllis Follett