As both Quincy resident and Boston service provider, she welcomes bridge to Long Island

Re “Tense hearing over Long Island Bridge” (Metro, June 6): As a resident of Quincy working in the human services sector in Boston, I applaud Boston city councilors’ vocal support for Mayor Walsh’s plan to rebuild the bridge to Long Island. I too want to see the existing infrastructure there put to use as a comprehensive recovery campus.

Quincy is already experiencing an uptick in traffic as a result of its own downtown revitalization project, which, incidentally, is pushing many necessary services out of Quincy and forcing residents in need of support to look to our neighbors, such as Boston, for much-needed care and treatment.

I don’t share Norfolk District Attorney — and fellow Quincy resident — Michael W. Morrissey’s “not in my backyard” approach to rebuilding the bridge and resuming services. Our communities are strongest when we open our arms to those who need compassion, support, and assistance the most, and I hope the new Long Island campus will serve as a place of refuge and healing for residents from Quincy, Boston, and beyond.

Rosemary Panzner


The writer is program director for Victory Programs’ ReVision Family Home, a shelter for homeless women and their children.