Candidate’s college writings taken out of context

A recent Globe article took my views in college a quarter-century ago out of context, and the headline, “Das likened minority groups to Nazi Party,” was especially irresponsible in today’s dark political environment (Metro, June 10).

My college writing may have been poorly worded, but at its core, it was a young student’s attempt to celebrate our diversity and promote integration, similar to what Barack Obama, then a state senator from Illinois, talked about 10 years later in his historic 2004 convention address in Boston, where he reminded us all that “there’s not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there’s the United States of America.” Sadly, I was not as eloquent in my writing. I would use different language and a better-informed analogy if I were writing today.

But it’s wrong to say that what I wrote more than two decades ago aligns with Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s agenda in office today. As the son of immigrants, I know the importance of both breaking down walls and building bridges.


It was particularly shameful for the Globe to use the explosive term “Nazi,” a particularly hateful word that does not even appear in my writing, in the article’s headline.

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In times of darkness, when the country is so divided by a polarizing president, I would expect the Globe to refrain from sensationalism that further tears us apart.

Abhijit “Beej” Das


The writer is a Democratic candidate for Congress in the Third District.