Judge cuts through the cruelty over immigration

Re “Judge orders release of pizza delivery driver held by ICE” (Page A2, July 25): We all should be asking the questions that Judge Paul Crotty asked: “Is he a threat to the community? What is the danger to the community for a man who has committed no crime?”

We need to ask another question: Why is this happening?

President Trump has identified the number one problem in the United States as “an infestation” of immigrants. Agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement are his bounty hunters. They are harassing our neighbors and friends and the entire immigrant community of color in the name of removing a dangerous “criminal element.” In reality, ICE most often targets law-abiding immigrants who are following the guidelines and are on a path to legal status.


Meanwhile, this kind of detention and harassment attacks every US citizen as as it degrades our freedoms and right to trial. We ignore this issue at our peril.

Norah Dooley