She’d rather go to Providence than Boston

Shirley Leung’s article on why Boston restaurants are closing (“When eateries outnumber eaters,” Page A1, Aug. 8) was interesting, but missed one main reason: Getting in and out of Boston, finding and paying for parking, doesn’t make the trip worth it.

The traffic in and out of Boston at any time of day — weekends and evenings included — is horrible and full of frustration. The interstate doesn’t have enough lanes for the number of cars on the road at any time. The MBTA is far from dependable and doesn’t run as late as would be beneficial for late-night events and dinners. For us, it is so much easier to go to Providence, where there are theaters, events, and some wonderful restaurants.

I find Boston to be an amazing city full of wonderful events and restaurants, but just not worth the trip. Give me Providence any day!

Sandra Robinson