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    An unregulated weapon easier to get than a 3-D printed gun

    Re “What’s really going on with 3-D printed guns?” (Opinion, Aug. 6): It was good to see someone with the expertise of Max Lobovsky explain that 3-D printing technology has many more useful application other than making guns. These printers are far from ubiquitous, and the energy being expended to keep from having more “how to” instructions made available on the Internet is likely to have little impact.

    It seems that the fear is that there will be a surge of new unregulated single-shot weapons that are less detectable by scanning machines becoming readily available. What people don’t realize, as any boater can tell you, is that the world is flooded with devices with very similar characteristics that anyone can walk into a marine supply store and purchase (with ammunition) without any regulation, permit, or age restriction. That device is called a flare gun, and it is more lethal than any weapon that the average person can build by downloading 3-D specs from a website.

    Controlling access to all lethal weapons is virtually impossible. Yet time and again we realize that a little more attention paid to the individuals who use them to endanger others could have saved many lives and a lot of misery.

    David Mahoney