No ‘delight’ in our Russia policy, from Clinton on

Near the end of the latest installment in Stephen Kinzer’s ongoing documentation of American bad behavior abroad (“How to interfere in a foreign election,” Ideas, Aug. 19), he describes as “a delightful irony” that Bill Clinton’s policy choices as president effectively elevated Vladimir Putin to the position from which he was able to commandeer our 2016 presidential election. This chilling observation demands deep reflection. But describing Russia’s (i.e., Putin’s) successfully executed election of their chosen candidate for US president as a “delightful irony”? I cannot regard with such cool detachment the mayhem and damage that this candidate has since wreaked on my country, its allies, the environment, health care, education, financial system guardrails, soybean markets, and so much more, even if it is “our” own fault.

Victoria Veh