Making a racket about TSA’s Quiet Skies puts our safety at risk

Again the Globe publishes a front-page article, potentially undermining efforts by the Transportation Security Administration to improve flying safety (“Ordinary travelers decry TSA surveillance,” Page A1, Aug. 19). Terrorists and enemies, of which we unfortunately have many, are no doubt rejoicing in the possibility that TSA vigilance may be discouraged and decreased.

Frankly, I am happy when the TSA does a careful search when I fly. Rather than grumble that my privacy rights are being trampled, I thank the examiner. If I were to travel to the country of a potential adversary or make dubious travel arrangements, I would applaud the TSA and the Quiet Skies program for their diligence, not complain to the Globe team.


Just as we will see another school shooting, one can count on there being another terrorist incident involving air travel. Then I suspect the Globe will be quick to publish a front-page article blaming the TSA.

Oscar H.L Bing