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Gubernatorial hopeful Lively wants to rise above hatred

Re “Give Baker big win over Lively” (Editorial, Aug. 22): I consider the Globe’s endorsement of my opponent for governor in the Republican primary predictable and largely irrelevant, but I must rebut its unfair criticism of me.

Gay progressives insist that because I oppose their political agenda, I hate homosexuals. Yet I’ve never stopped caring for the gay people whose public policy objectives I oppose. My Christian love for all people conquers their hatred of me personally.

I believe I have a pretty good chance of becoming governor, notwithstanding the Globe’s bias against me, and I want every Massachusetts resident to know that I will do everything in my power to balance the need to preserve the natural family foundations of mainstream society with the legitimate civil rights concerns of the LGBT subculture. I love gays and lesbians as people (despite their politics), even though many hate me (because of my politics), and I will prove that as their governor, should God grant me victory.


Scott Lively