There is nothing ‘pleasing’ in Boston school bus performance

Re “Back to school, eventually” (Page A1, Sept. 7): The Boston school system says, “BPS is pleased that Thursday morning’s on-time performance was better than the first day of school last year, and we are confident that service will continue to improve.” Seriously? BPS should be ashamed to release such a statement about this year’s back-to-school bus performance.

I don’t imagine Gaby Arroyo and Jesyel Colon, both 11, were “pleased” to wait over an hour for a bus that never arrived. I doubt that “pleased” would describe 11-year-0ld Valentina Lopez, who gave up waiting for her bus after nearly an hour and went back home. While all of this pleasantness was happening, where were Mayor Martin Walsh and Interim Superintendent Laura Perille? Were they huddled in a room somewhere trying to rectify the bus problem? Nope. They were parading with kindergartners in East Boston — well, the 350 lucky kids whose buses actually arrived and transported them to school on time.


Brenda Scott