Mayor Walsh has been hard at work to create more affordable housing

Tim Logan’s article “Boston luxury, minus Bostonians” (Page A1, Sept. 11) highlighted a report done by an organization that he fairly and accurately characterized as “left-leaning.” Some of the luxury buildings mentioned in the story were not even permitted by or built under the current administration. Although we sometimes do not agree on housing policy, it would be unfair to cast any doubt on the Walsh administration’s diligent work to produce affordable, or workforce, housing that would serve the needs of all Bostonians. Through inclusionary zoning changes and linkage payments from commercial developers that are directed toward affordable housing, Boston has made great progress to build for the segment of the population that needs it the most.

Unfortunately, it is never enough. It will be interesting to see how many units of housing for real people will be produced, under new rules implemented over the last five years, as a result of the new luxury buildings that are in the pipeline today. It may be more than people think.


Progress on our housing dilemma has been made, and we should recognize that, although Boston is changing, our goal is to make sure it is still accessible to everyone.

Greg Vasil


Greater Boston Real Estate Board