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A ‘relative moderate’ in Virginia GOP? Relative to what?

In the article “Accusations against Kavanaugh reverberate in midterms” (Page A6, Sept. 25), Jess Bidgood referred to Representative Barbara Comstock, a Virginia Republican, as a “relative moderate” and stated that “she has taken steps before to distance herself from” President Trump.

While Comstock might not be a radical extremist of the ilk of white-supremacist sympathizer Corey Stewart, Virginia’s Republican Senate nominee, painting her as “moderate” in the American political spectrum and within Virginia’s 10th District is utterly misleading.

A simple statistic from a top polling and tracking group, fivethirtyeight.com, makes this clear: Comstock votes more than 97 percent of the time for the Trump agenda. This voting record is a nearly 52 percent swing away from her constituents toward Trump — the second-highest disconnect in the nation between voter preferences and congressional voting record.


Comstock’s extremism doesn’t stop there. While in the Virginia House of Delegates, she voted in favor of a bill that would have required women to have a transvaginal ultrasound before receiving an abortion. She sits near the top of the list of recipients of National Rifle Association largesse and has opposed even basic common-sense gun regulation.

While Comstock might not have the over-the-top radical extremist rhetoric of Trump or a Freedom Caucus member, describing her political record as relatively moderate misrepresents reality.

Adam Siegel

McLean, Va.