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Trump administration content <br align="block"/>to sit back and watch planet warm

Our leaders have declared the climate fight lost — we need new ones

I have never seen a headline with a more fatalistic message than Sept. 29’s “Trump administration sees 7-degree rise by 2100.”

So this is the real thinking of our elected leaders — not that climate change is a hoax, but that the game of protecting the earth’s climate is already lost. In the meantime, let’s not impose any limits on our friends the automakers, so they can keep making easy money until their factories burn down. Is this really the best we can do?

I refuse to believe that. Humanity has faced many challenges before, but with bumps and detours along the way, we have risen to meet them. The agricultural advances of the past century have allowed us to avoid hunger catastrophe. The recognition of the role of chlorofluorocarbons in ozone depletion led to their ban worldwide and substantial recovery in the ozone layer, which blocks ultraviolet radiation. Climate change is our biggest challenge yet, and every citizen needs to vote accordingly. To refuse to do anything to prevent such an existential threat to humanity is a betrayal of the public trust. These looters of our future must be voted out.

Mary Memmott



For Trump, the motive is profit, not the earth’s survival

The best earth scientists around the world believe that the road to 7 degrees of global warming will gravely challenge our own survival. There is not a single scientific or political body in the world that disagrees with this assessment, except our president, the Republican Party, and their oil-rich sponsors.

In the past, we have witnessed corrupt corporate officers who would risk the future of their company, the livelihoods of their employees, and even their own careers, in exchange for a short-term, self-dealing payday. In similar fashion, the Trump administration intends to sacrifice the future security of civilization in exchange for today’s profits, amounting to a short-term win for his ego and his administration.


Trump’s catastrophic failure to perform his presidential duties is a betrayal of our country and the world. So much for making America great again.

Kerry Castonguay