There shouldn’t be a whiff of concern about composting

We at Boston Building Resources were pleased to read about your support for home composting (“Time to embrace composting. No, really,” Editorial, Oct. 9). BBR has sold thousands of home compost bins and countertop collection containers over the years through our partnership with the city’s recycling department, and we advise homeowners as they get started with the practice.

Let me reassure your readers that a home compost pile should not stink. Unpleasant odors mean that the pile has gone anaerobic or is out of balance, with too much high-nitrogen material. A good stir and an armful of dried leaves or other high-carbon material is the cure.


And separating food scraps is not extra work, but, rather, the establishment of a new habit. Apple cores, potato peels, and eggshells go into a countertop food scrap bucket instead of the garbage. The bucket is emptied into the outdoor bin every few days. You do this with recyclables; do it with compostables, too.

Deb Beatty Mel

Director of communications

Boston Building Resources