Affirmative action is the least we can do

The core reason for affirmative action is conveniently ignored in last Sunday’s disingenuous rationalization by Richard D. Kahlenberg (“We still need preferences — just not by race”), expert witness for the Harvard plaintiffs, and the bizarre so-called solution offered in an accompanying Ideas piece (“Can technology cure what ails the admissions process?”), and surprisingly soft-pedaled by the Globe’s own editorial (“The scheme to make Harvard white again”).

No other racial or ethnic group is in this country because its ancestors were kidnapped, tortured, and enslaved in a system that routinely practiced atrocities associated with genocide. Aggressive implementation of affirmative action does not even begin to cover America’s sins against African-Americans, but at least it’s something. The rest of us need to stop whining and be thankful we are not burdened with their “unfair advantage.”

Marci Alborghetti

New London, Conn.