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As a freshman at Northeastern University in 2004 when the Red Sox broke their 86-year World Series drought, I thought it couldn’t get better than that night as a Boston sports fan.

Although nothing can top 2004, Sunday was pretty close.

At the time of writing this letter, I have watched the final out of the 2018 World Series probably 50 times. For me, this year’s championship is special given the backdrop it is set against in my life. Since that night 14 years ago when I ran to Fenway, my once-athletic body has been affected by an unrelenting muscle disease. Although I have long since accepted my condition, moments of pure joy have been harder to come by.


Yet there was something about this year’s Red Sox team that always raised my spirits. Winning will certainly do that, but there was so much more. As a fan, I remember some unlikable Red Sox teams. But this year’s team was a joy to watch — from manager Alex Cora on down to the players, from their competitive spirit to their selflessness to their team-first attitude.

Thank you for the ride, fellas.

Chris Anselmo

Westbrook, Conn.