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Alzheimer’s researcher wages a battle for funding

Re “How an Alzheimer’s research outsider took on the status quo” (Business, Nov. 5): If I weren’t an 82-year-old with creaky joints, I would have jumped for joy having read the excellent article written by Sharon Begley.

It is no surprise that reviewers at the National Institutes of Health turned down the opportunity to publish neurobiologist Robert Moir’s study, which offered another way of looking for the causes of this rapacious disease.

So many who serve the public as keepers of the funds find themselves in need of a larger hat size; unfortunately, they believe that they are the experts, when what they lack is courage and curiosity. One might think that they would encourage the work of “outsiders.”


Kudos to Moir for his brilliant stubbornness, to Begley for writing about him, and to the Globe for bringing hope to a huge segment of the population — seniors who worry about Alzhemer’s disease, and their children, who live in fear of having to care for an aging parent who is losing their mind.

Carole J. Thompson