Trump keeps picking fight with the press

Media ought to stop
playing Trump’s game

The president’s constant refrain is to call the media the enemy of the people (“At the White House, Trump meets, berates the press,” Page A2, Nov. 8). And yet the media continue to play along. It is time for the Fourth Estate to wake up to this new abnormal.

Here is a crazy idea: Don’t cover him. Of course, keep covering what he and his administration are doing, but just stop showing up for the daily press briefings, and move on to other news items. It is a good bet that most people do not need yet another story about Donald Trump to confirm that this presidency is a train wreck. The media are treating this like a reality show. They should stop playing into Trump’s hands.

Tim Evans


A walkout would have been in order

As a retired reporter and, later, an editor of a community newspaper, I think the solution of the bombarded press at Donald Trump’s meltdown news conference Wednesday should have been to walk out en masse. The rudeness with which the president treated, first, Jim Acosta of CNN and then Yamiche Alcindor of PBS (calling her bigoted) was enough for the press to band together and walk out.

Perry Colmore

Jamaica Plain