It’s wrong to label the Democratic Party as ‘undefined’

James Pindell’s Get Smart column repeats the misguided opinion that the “Democratic Party remains undefined” (“Election 2018: A brief analysis,” Metro, Nov. 8).

Democrats continue to stand for social justice, fair economic and voting policies, and a safe and thriving populace. Progress toward these goals has been a much-celebrated hallmark of US history. Donald Trump and other right-wing nationalists are trying to undermine these ideals by opposing the great humanitarian advancements instituted by the likes of FDR, JFK, Lyndon Johnson, and Barack Obama.

Yes, the Democratic Party is focused on opposing Republicans, but only to fight the GOP’s efforts to reverse what makes America great, a greatness that has developed under all party banners.


So long as there is want and misery — and certainly there is — Democrats will strive toward the goals they stand for and to oppose efforts to lessen advancements already in place.

Jim Yarin