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GOP lawmaker Lyons’s loss ought to send a clear signal

Re “Ousted legislator says ‘hate’ label ‘simply wrong’ ” (Metro, Nov. 10): Who does state Representative James J. Lyons Jr. think he’s fooling? If promoting discrimination against transgender people and denying women access to vital health care isn’t hateful, I don’t know what is.

As an organizer for the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund, I knocked on hundreds of doors for Lyons’s opponent, Tram Nguyen, who went on to defeat him. From those doorstep conversations, it was clear voters saw right through Lyons’s so-called nice-guy persona and were appalled by his pursuit of blatantly ideological policies that are bad for the district.


In spite of his defeat, Lyons has pledged to keep up his crusade to end abortion, and “find common ground.”

But we did find common ground: Massachusetts voters elected an overwhelming majority of lawmakers who support reproductive rights; the fight to protect transgender rights won in a landslide; and the people of the 18th Essex District kicked Lyons and his backward agenda out of office.

While Lyons may have learned nothing from his defeat, here’s to hoping others realize an agenda of hate might cost you your job.

Jordan Thornlow