With each bike tragedy, renewed calls for safety

Show motorists the path forward

I read with sadness the account of memorial services for the victims of fatal bicycle accidents (“Cyclist mourned at dedication,” Metro, Nov. 19).

In the past few years, new bicycle lanes and traffic regulations regarding bicycling have multiplied, but there has been no general campaign to educate the public on the meaning of the markings or the rights and duties that the regulations set out.

A situation where the bicyclists know the rules but the drivers do not is probably more dangerous than a world of complete ignorance. Why not a period of public service ads, newspaper articles, etc., setting things out?


James Doyle


Note important new safety law

Your call for more safety measures is appropriate (“For bicycle safety, side guards should be law,” Editorial, Nov. 16). Another important law is already in force but known to few motorists: Pulling a motor vehicle over into a bike lane is illegal. I repeatedly see this law violated, and once it could have led to a serious crash. I am proud of my own state representative, David Rogers, for introducing the bill. The state should do a better job publicizing and enforcing it.

Andrew Oram