She’s inspired by the way community rose to react to act of hate

Re Travis Andersen’s “ ‘She has all the right to be scared’: Death threat found by Muslim girl, 10” (Metro, Nov. 15): It is extremely upsetting to see that a child as young as 10 has been subjected to acts of such hate and discrimination, especially in a school, an environment in which she should be made to feel safe. It is even more unfortunate that what happened at Hemenway Elementary in Framingham is another addition to an ever-growing list of bigoted acts being committed across communities and learning institutions in Massachusetts.

However, the actions that the young girl, her school, and local authorities have taken in response to this incident are commendable. In the face of discrimination and any other injustice, embracing peace and love above all — whether through speaking out directly, sending encouragement and support through letters, or simply maintaining a positive attitude — is a wonderfully inspiring message to send out.


Angie Uytingco

San Jose, Calif.