Turkey is hopeful US will act swiftly on extradition

Your Nov. 21 editorial suggested that Turkey would engage in “dirty deals,” as your headline put it, with the United States over a possible extradition of Fethullah Gulen. It is extremely disappointing to see such an appalling charge.

Turkey is a democracy that upholds the rule of law. It is also an indispensable ally: as a partner in the fight against ISIS, a key NATO ally, and a critical power broker in the Middle East.

While the US-Turkish relationship is getting back on track after months of rocky relations, the Gulen issue remains deeply troubling. The 2016 coup plotters killed hundreds of innocent people and bombed government buildings in a brazen attack on Turkish democracy.


From his compound in Pennsylvania, Gulen is threatening the internal security in Turkey while, at the same time, harming relations between the United States and Turkey. There are widespread calls in Turkey for his extradition.

Given all of the recent progress in our bilateral relationship, we are hopeful that Washington will act swiftly to right this injustice.

Ceylan Özen Erisen

Consul general of Turkey in Boston