In biotech and in life, it’s a process of accepting — and understanding — mortality

Like other letter writers (“Biotechs aim to stock the fountain of youth,” Dec. 9), I feel some concern about the goal of extending human life as long as possible without regard for other important human goals (including the survival of life on earth, humanity included). I’ve long struggled to balance this with my love for the elderly people in my life and my desire to make the most of their irreplaceable wisdom and life skills.

For myself, I can accept that mortality is a way of “taking turns” and knowing that others must have their turns. And as a worker in the biotech industry, I also know that there is another road: We need not seek to cure death (and truth be told, we cannot). Curing lives for all humanity — and coming to an understanding of what that means — is work enough for many lifetimes.


Monica M. Eiland