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With girl’s death, US continues to destroy families seeking asylum

The Trump administration continues its destruction of families seeking asylum. As a taxpayer, I am calling for an end to these harmful policies.

I spent several months volunteering in Guatemala City in 2006. The area of the city where I was located was incredibly dangerous. I was not able to walk in the neighborhood without armed security. Thousands of children lived in this neighborhood that was overrun with violence.

Over the past 12 years, the situation has only worsened. I was able to ride public transportation safely in 2006, but that is no longer the case. Many Guatemalans’ lives are now at risk. They leave behind their home country to make a perilous trek through Mexico to the US border.


This month a 7-year-old child died in US custody. She had fled her home country of Guatemala with her family. I can only imagine the violence they had faced in Guatemala. Her family did everything they could to protect their daughter. They report she was healthy upon arrival at the US border. The US was entrusted with this young girl’s life, and now her family is grieving.

We need to consider how drastic of a situation we would need to be in to make the decision to leave our country. For most of us, we would need to fear for our lives. Congress needs to consider this as they create policies. They need to end funding that punishes and further harms families seeking asylum.

Gayle Hoisington

Merrimack, N.H.