Re “What you read in 2018,” Editorial, Dec. 25: We wish that the issue of climate change had captured interest enough to make it into your top 10 editorials. Yes, those other issues are certainly important — the Kavanaugh hearings, the Catholic church, etc. But we will look back with great chagrin in just a few years if we do not move climate change to the top of our Queue of Urgent Issues.

Looking back from today, our society’s ingenuity with fossil fuels gave us the Industrial Revolution and improved our lifestyles dramatically. But past generations were unwittingly building up a tab that their descendants would have to clear, with everything from our planet’s biodiversity to our nation’s security standing in as collateral. We now know better: We simply cannot kick the can one generation further.


What can each of us do right now? Contact your representatives and senators, and express your support for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (S. 3791 / H.R. 7173). And, show your approbation of Globe editorials and articles that address climate change, such as the recent outstanding piece by Nestor Ramos, “An obituary for the earth, and an opportunity to save her.”

Judy Palken


Dan Palken

Boulder, Colo.

Greg Palken,

Lyon Mountain, N.Y.