Ride-sharing has made roads a perilous obstacle course for cyclists

Re “Cyclists plea to Uber, Lyft: Stop blocking bike lanes” (Metro, March 2): I’ve ridden my bike in the Boston area thousands of miles over the years. During the last five, I’ve been more observant when I see passengers riding in the back seat of a car with no one in the front passenger seat.

I’ve come to expect ride-share drivers looking at smartphones, seeking directions or the next passenger. I don’t get the sense that they are looking at what or who is behind them. Worse, when they pull over, it’ll be mid-block or into a bike lane — exactly where you wouldn’t expect a car driving down the street to suddenly go.


I love startups, new ideas, and ways to make things better. But I don’t want to be a statistic, and from my observations, ride-sharing endangers those who share the road, particularly those on motorcycles and bikes and even runners.

Please, drivers of all sorts, for the others who share the road with you — be more careful. Don’t just observe where your next passenger is coming from or going, but also pay attention to those all around you.

James A. Ellis

Chestnut Hill