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Many fear the harmful health effects of 5G network

Re “The race for 5G is more complicated than it seems” by Elizabeth Woyke (Opinion, March 7): Any article on the impending 5G network should mention the possible health hazards it presents. I am not an expert on this technology, but I am convinced that there is reason for serious concern about its effects on human (and other) life. Many respected scientists and institutions apparently share this concern. An international petition with 53,964 signatories from 168 countries, as of March 1, calls for a halt to the development of 5G.

They state that “5G will massively increase exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation on top of the 2G, 3G, and 4G networks for telecommunications already in place. RF radiation has been proven harmful for humans and the environment. The deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.”


In a recent congressional hearing, Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut interviewed developers of 5G and found that no research on health effects of this technology was planned. Yet earlier research has suggested harmful health effects of radio frequencies even at lower speeds and with fewer satellites and base stations than needed for 5G.

There are, at the least, doubts about the safety of this technology. The Globe owes it to its readers to include that information in any article about 5G development.

Marie-Pierre Dillenseger