The tragic death of Kendric Price should hit each of us as a horrifying shock (“A haunting, heartbreaking echo,” Page A1, March 4). His life was valuable and precious, yet we are not shocked. Everyday gun violence in our city and our country is its own tragedy, and our numbness to gun violence is another.

Price was 32, and was known as a humble and gentle young man. As a community leader and mentor of youth, he was working to create conditions to prevent the steady stream of gun deaths that we see in our society.

Every gun death is one too many, and no one should have to worry about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Each of us must act now to help pass common-sense gun laws and change the conversation on gun violence. Together, through organizations like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and many others, we can combat gun violence and honor the legacy of Kendric Price.


I urge residents of Boston and the Commonwealth to stand together with our neighbors who are dying senselessly. Don’t wait until it directly affects you or someone you know.

Quiana Agbai

Hyde Park