Surrounded by ‘acting’ agency chiefs, Trump grabs power in full view

In your April 11 editorial “Senate must be vigilant in vetting Trump’s Homeland Security picks,” you conclude that “the Senate needs to be certain it only confirms nominees” to head departments and agencies “who care about the rule of law.” With respect, I don’t think you see what is happening in plain sight. With so many agencies and Cabinet positions being held by “acting directors,” Donald Trump is avoiding the need for Senate confirmation. He is setting up his own government, whose only allegiance is to him, and whose overseers need know nothing about the agency or department in which they work.

Does the Constitution say anything about how long an acting director can remain before a fully vetted and Senate-confirmed replacement must be found? What is occurring in plain sight is that our so-called government is a burgeoning organization reflecting the will of Trump alone. This is how a demagogue steals our democracy in full view.


Where is the alarm? Who can stop this insidious power grab before it is too late?

Gillian Rogell