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Notre Dame fire should jolt us to take better care of Boston’s icons

The tragic fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris should serve as wake-up call for Boston. The Rev. Stephen T. Ayres, in his April 14 Ideas piece “Boston’s historic landmarks could use more support,” calls for state, city, corporate, and civic leaders as well as residents “to pool resources and prioritize the preservation of our iconic buildings.” Boston’s historic sites are local, national, and international treasures that represent the founding of the United States. They are icons of freedom and our nation’s democracy. And they all lack adequate funding and support necessary for their maintenance.

Let us learn from France the important lesson of stewardship and care; let Boston and the Commonwealth learn from cities like Philadelphia on how the city, the state, and the public can collaborate to provide the resources necessary to preserve our historic treasures.


Beatrice Wolfner Nessen