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Policy effort seeks assisted-living boost at state level

Robert Weisman shines a light on the challenge of senior housing costs (“A warning for aging middle-class boomers,” Page A1, April 25). As the article notes, many of the proposed solutions would require major federal investments, such as expanded housing tax credits. The Massachusetts Assisted Living Association and our members are also pursuing state-level policy changes that would provide seniors with more options and affordability in the near term.

One is a bill that would allow assisted-living residences to wrap into day-to-day care a handful of common, limited health services. This would lower overall costs for families who now must factor third-party health visits into their overall assisted living budget. We also aim to restore the Medicaid waiver for assisted living, which would allow income-eligible seniors the option of residing in assisted living in addition to their current options of home care or skilled nursing.


In a state with high housing costs and an aging population, our members will continue to seek creative, sustainable solutions to bring the independence and quality of life of assisted living within reach of more seniors.

Brian Doherty

President and CEO

Massachusetts Assisted Living Association