Re “Have Massachusetts Democrats lost faith in themselves or in Elizabeth Warren?” by Joan Vennochi (Opinion, June 13): Would sexism plague Elizabeth Warren in 2020 as it did Hillary Clinton in 2016? Perhaps, but people who resent powerful women probably don’t vote Democratic anyway

Among persuadable voters, my guess is that other factors outweigh a candidate’s sex. For instance, how does she come across to an audience? Clinton often sounded like she was instructing a class of second-graders, which was off-putting. Warren often sounds like she wants us to grab our torches and pitchforks and hunt down bankers.


If She Who Persisted can be hard to listen to at times, she pales next to Bernie Sanders and his perpetual red-faced, foot-stamping fury. No sane party will ask voters to endure four years of Bernie.

Democrats should consider that after Donald Trump, Americans might like to give their ears a rest. Joe Biden comes across as a normal person, and normal people can listen to him without gritting their teeth. Assuming they can still recognize Biden after progressives complete his reeducation, they might trust him to reorient the country without trying to reinvent it.

Michael Smith

Georgetown, Ky.