I have a modest proposal to end the transportation crisis in the Boston area. Clearly, funding is an issue, and clearly, the stress caused by long commutes and frequent delays is borne by the workers of the state.

Let’s assume a worker begins a commute at a reasonable time to assure being at the job on time. We should implement a labor policy whereby, if there are delays caused by excessive congestion on the Mass. Pike or by mechanical problems at the MBTA, those delays will be considered time on the clock and paid for by the employer.

For example, if commuting on the Red Line from Quincy to Boston takes 30 minutes, and if Nurse Nancy leaves the station at 7:30 to make her 8:00 start at the hospital, then if train delays mean she arrives at 9:00, her employer starts paying her at 8:00. We have smartphones and GPS to track this.


The simplicity of this solution is twofold. First, it transfers the stress of commuting from the employee to the employer. Second, those employers are the ones with the money and political leverage to fix the problem.

If such a proposal were implemented, I would expect Greater Boston to have a world-class transportation network in under a year.

John May