Governor Baker says the MBTA needs major improvements, but is he just repeating what he’s heard, or does he really believe it?

Despite many invitations, suggestions, challenges, or whatever, that he actually ride the T to see for himself, he always refuses.

Maybe he does not understand what folks are asking him to do. I don’t think anyone is suggesting he use the T for a whole day, like an ordinary commuter. No one is suggesting he get up in the morning, drive to the nearest T station, hope to get a parking space, ride into town, switch trains if he has to, get off at Park Street, walk up the hill to the State House, and then retrace his steps at the end of the work day.


I think a lot of us would be happy if he got driven to work, as he is now, but, at some point during the day, walked down the hill, rode the Red Line out to Porter and back, and then took the Blue Line to Logan. (There’s another step to get from the Red Line to the Blue Line, but some helpful T passenger would tell him how to do it.)

Just once, governor, please – give it a try.

Eli Bortman