It was with relief that I learned of the not guilty verdict in the retrial of Darrell Jones (“Man who faced murder charge for second time is acquitted,” Metro, June 12). But that relief was tempered by sorrow and anger: sorrow because the acquittal does not erase the fact that an innocent man spent 32 years of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit, and anger because the Plymouth district attorney’s office chose to retry a case that never should have gone to trial at all.

In speaking of the difficulty in retrying this case, DA Timothy J. Cruz referenced the exclusion of a suppressed video recording and testimony from a detective from the original trial, declining to clarify that these were excluded from the second trial after a judge determined the video had been purposely altered by police and the detective gave false testimony in that trial.


To Cruz, whose work is supposed to be on behalf of the people of this Commonwealth, I say: not in my name. We can only hope that this case will bring greater focus on the racism endemic in our criminal justice system, and on the plight of other innocent men and women unjustly incarcerated.

Barbara McQueen