Doctor sees utter waste in Partners HealthCare’s rebranding effort

Partners HealthCare in Somerville.
Partners HealthCare in Somerville.PAT GREENHOUSE/GLOBE STAFF/FILE

I am appalled at the notion of spending $100 million to change a name (“Partners HealthCare playing the name game,” Page A1, July 2). I am an obstetrician-gynecologist, working out of the North Shore Medical Center in Salem. NSMC is decidedly one of the poorer members of the Partners consortium. However, we provide excellent care and have a close affiliation with Massachusetts General Hospital when tertiary care is necessary. Our department of obstetrics-gynecology has an excellent relationship with the subspecialists in ob-gyn.

Among those we serve and care for are many people who have limited education, and changing the name from Partners to . . . who-knows-what will not make any difference to them. Dr. Anne Klibanski, Partners’ new chief executive, is quoted as saying, “How we present ourselves as a system that resonates with our patients, our care teams, our staff, our communities, and the world at large is incredibly important.”


What is important is that we care for all patients with respect and knowledge, regardless of their financial status or ethnic or racial background. We do not need to change a name, Partners, which is basic and fundamental. To spend $100 million in this way would be wasteful and would border on sinful.

Dr. Michael Reich